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  • PHP scripting is now available on the unix servers.   This will allow for mSQL, MySQL and other databases to be interporlated with the Web using this server side scripting language.
  • The Real™ Audio/Video server is now up at real.terrahost.com.  The server is liscensed for 50 simultaneous streams at once and will be upgraded as necessary.
  • Users with Telnet accounts will now have access to the SuperNews™ news server (A $9.95/month value).  SuperNews™ contains over 30,000 newsgroups and holds over 400Gb of messages.
  • TerraHost has switched from backing up data using tapes to using rewritable DVD drives.  This will allow faster backup times and virtually eliminate storage errors.
  • CyberCash™ and CyberCheck™ have been implemented on the HTTP server.   To use this feature please contact us by phone or by email.


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