From humble beginnings, Terrahost has emerged as a mighty contender

The company was founded in late 2006. We started with hosting of dedicated servers. Services like virtual servers, webhosting VPN and more came later.

We have from the beginning focused on hosting and run the services ourselves. Therefore we built a small datacenter back in 2006, which we later moved to our new datacenter in 2010.

Terrahost is a company based on a solid foundation where management and technical personnel has more than 10+ years of industry experience. As we are a relatively small company we can, as opposed to the "big" make quick decisions about our operations, and we can quickly adapt to our clients needs.

Our vision is to offer high quality solutions at an attractive price.

Our services are delivered from our own data center in Sandefjord. In this way we can ensure high stability and security.


We expand globally Terrahost expands world wide with new locations in Amsterdam (NL), Kansas City (US) and Lagos (NG).


Launches unmetered serversWe launch fully unmetered virtual and dedicated servers.


The DC1 datacenter is being modernized Our first datacenter DC1 is modernized and becomes our new and modern colocation datacenter.


From bunker to datacenterWe expand to DC2 which is built in an old bunker.


New datacenter and Terrahost ASWe build our new datacenter at Klinestadmoen and establishes as a limited company. The new name is Terrahost AS.


Virtual servers are launchedAffordable and cheap virtual servers launches.


The company establishesWe build a makeshift datacenter and sell dedicated servers.


Truly resilient

We are a cloud and managed services provider delivering the highest standards of security, with compliance guaranteed. We operate out of the most secure data centres in the UK, located in former nuclear bunkers.

  • Redundant infrastructure at all levels
  • Data center with good physical security
  • A solid company in operation since 2006
  • Experienced employees with decades in the industry