In our own datacenter

Terrahost offers tailor made solutions for Colocation, no matter if you have just one server or a hundred servers! Contact us today for a customized solution.

Tailored solutions

We are happy to tailor a custom package for you and your needs. We can accomodate any need you may have. Contact us today for an offer on Colocation of your equipment!

Rack configuration

Our racks are configured with two zero U PDUs with 36 C13 outlets and 6 C19 outlets. The PDUs are on separate power feeds which are UPS and generator protected. Power usage is monitored in ENIGMA.

Bandwidth options

We offer racks both with and without transit. By choosing Terrahost IP-transit to your rack you can choose between default route and full BGP table. Any port size up to n x 100G is available.

Single server

1U or tower


per month ex. VAT

  • 200W of power included
  • 1Gbit network port
  • 50TB traffic included
  • 1 IPv4 and /48 IPv6
  • UPS and generators


Without transit


per month ex. VAT

  • 2 x PDU with 36 outlets included
  • A + B circuits
  • UPS and generators


With transit


per month ex. VAT

  • 2 x PDU with 36 outlets included
  • A + B circuits
  • UPS and generators
  • 1Gbit IP transit

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer remote hands and include several services with our Colocation. For instance: rebooting of servers, button pushing, screen readout, racking of new servers, connecting ISO with USB and temporary IP-KVM. Ask us if what you need isn't listed here and we will give you a good offer!.

Yes we announce your subnets at no additional cost. We also offer BGP sessions if needed, either with a default route or full table. Affordable IP-transit with our own network mix can also be offered.

Yes in our datacenter you have access to your own equipment companied by one of our techs. For customers who needs 24/7 unlimited access this is planned to be available at a later date.

You can have up to 4kW per rack, which today with energy efficient servers is a whole lot. First kW is $115 per month. Additional kW after first 2kW is $170 per month. All racks have monitored PDUs installed, which you can monitor through ENIGMA.

Of course! Our rack are delivered with UPS and energency generator protected circuits. The generator will kick in and take over delivery of power to the datacenter within 15 to 20 seconds.

You are free to select your own provider for IP transit. We offer affordable transit from our own network, but for a small fee, we can connect you to any provider we have in our datacenter. We currently have Telenor, Telia, GlobalConnect and Altibox in our datacenter. We can also offer transport to Oslo to connect you to providers such as Hurricane Electric, Cogent and more.