Terrahost is your partner for resilient data center solutions.


Our datacenters are secured with battery backup and emergency generators should an power outage occur.


We have redundant fiber pathways from different providers which enters the building at separate locations.


Our datacenter facilities has a high level of physical security keeping your data safe.

Our datacenters

Our services are delivered from several datacenters, including our datacenter in Norway. Centrally placed in southern Norway in close vicinity of Torp Airport and E18. The datacenters have redundant systems like cooling, power, battery backup and emergency generators.

Providers available in our datacenters

We have several providers available in our datacenters, all entering the building at different locations.

constant supply of power

Diesel generators

Our datacenters has generators to keep a constant supply of power to the DC in the event of a power outage.

The generator takes over the load within 15 seconds. We test and loadtest the generators regularly to ensure that they work whenever we need them.

Norway DC1/DC2

Location: Sandefjord, Norway

The datacenter was built in 2018 in an old air raid shelter. The room have massive concrete walls and doors that gives the DC a good physical security. The datacenter hosts have our dedicated servers, but we also offer colocation of tower servers in this space.

  • UPS battery backup
  • Diesel generators
  • Redundant pathways
  • A+B circuits and up to 2x32A per rack
  • 4-pin lockable racks
  • Free Cooling 10 out of 12 months


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

High security datacenter located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From this datacenter we can accomodate your needs virtual servers, dedicated servers and colocation. The datacenter has:

  • UPS battery backup
  • Diesel generators
  • Redundant pathways
  • A+B circuits and up to 2x32A per rack
  • 4-pin lockable racks

high uptime services

Our network

Our network is redundant with diverse pathways into the building. We have different providers on transit which ensures high uptime on our services. We are in addition connected to several Internet Exchanges, like NIX and FIXO in Oslo, and DATA-IX and GlobalIX in Stockholm.

Local Internet Exchange


We have an Internet Exchange in our datacenter where we and many other networks are connected. An IX is used to exchange traffic between networks (AS numbers) without going through a transit connection. Ports on FSIX is completely free. You can read more here.

Redundant network

We have multiple transits to ensure high uptime.

Diverse pathways

We have three different fiber pathways into the building.

Routers from Juniper

Our network is based on MX-series routers from Juniper which are very robust.

BGP ASN AS-MACRO Peering Looking Glass
AS56655 AS-TERRAHOST as56655.net » lg.terrahost.com »
lg.ams-nl.terrahost.com »

Meet Me Room

You can colocate your own router in our MMR-rack, or get Cross Connect fiber back to your own rack. Build your own network with BGP with a range of providers. With our wavelength technology to Oslo we can also connect you to providers like Hurricane Electric, Cogent and more.

IP Transit

We offer inexpensive IP transit to our customers with Colocation. Our traffic mix today consists of Altibox, Blix and our connection to NIX and FIXO in Oslo. If you have your own BGP based network we can assist you in connecting to any of these IXes. building.

Whitebox datacenter services

Our whitebox datacenter services allows you to use your own infrastructure and IP addresses on our dedicated and virtual servers. Offer all our services with your own network.