Affordable IP Transit

With our own bandwidth mix based on top Tier 1 ISPs and IX ports.

IP transit from Terrahost

Terrahost provices IP transit services through own fiber network and own datacenters. We are connected to Norways largest internet exchanges in Oslo and we are constantly expanding our network. We can offer different types of interface and speeds, SLA and more.

Why choose us?

We can offer a wide range of speeds, everything from 100Mbps to 100Gbps on different types of ports. Either flat-rate or 95th percentile invoicing. We peer over NIX and FIXO and also have private peering with several providers and customers.

Points of Presence

We have two datacenters in Sandefjord, but also have POPs at other locations where you can connect to our infrastructure and rent Colocation, servers, IP transit and more.

You can connect to our infrastructure in large cities across Europe for instance Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam and more.

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