resilient storage

Object Storage for Better Resiliency

Cut your storage costs and reduce malware, disaster and outage losses with S3 compatible object storage.

Terrahost Resilient Object Storage is a flexible, cost-effective, highly scalable cloud storage solution for unstructured data. It is a security-rich, cloud-based storage platform designed for exponential data growth to cut the complexity of managing even exabyte-scale storage to help you achieve IT resiliency.

Designed to handle storage and management from hundreds of terabytes (TBs) to hundreds of petabytes (PBs) and beyond, in the cloud, at durability levels far exceeding conventional file or block storage.

to support your
larger IT

Terrahost Resilient Object Storage can be a critical element to support your larger IT strategy and plan. The benefits include elastic scalability and flexibility to optimize capacity that matches backup and disaster recovery service level goals. TerraHost also provides:

  • Your data is erasure coded to assure continuous availability if one or more nodes are compromised.
  • Reliable, continual data access for analytics, insights and required reporting of sensitive data even during outages or disasters.
  • Retention of sensitive data for regulatory compliance, specified retention times and parameters such as archiving and retention periods, as well as locking data with immutability of the data.

Security and governance

Get built-in industry compliance for data protection. For regulated industries such as financial services, you can choose industry- specific rules-based control features or enterprise policy settings for your data to help meet regulatory, legal or business needs.

Built-in fault tolerance across regions

Leverage a patented geo-dispersed algorithm to distribute data evenly across nodes that can be located in multiple sites. Even if failures occur across all sites, the data is still available to be retrieved.

Query-in-place with integrated analytics

This capability helps you create a workspace for a range of big data analytics use cases, supports a variety of data formats such as CSV, JSON and Parquet, and allows for standard ANSI SQL. There are no complex extract, transform and load (ETL) processes to set up, and no databases or infrastructure to manage.

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Reserved Capacity Storage

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